The Full Windsor Knot

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Isn’t it about time you learned how to tie a necktie? What better way to learn than from a beautiful woman? At we want you to look your best, that’s why we’re giving you every incentive to look sharp that we can think of, starting with The Full Windsor. After all, anyone who knows how important it is to look smart will understand why it is good idea to learn how to tie The Full Windsor Knot. If you’re wearing a designer shirt, brand new shoes, or stylish accessories, then a Full Windsor is the perfect way to add the finishing touch to your look. This is a classic tie knot which you will be able to wear with a variety of collared shirts. Simply watch the video, then try it out for yourself.

There’s no better way to learn to tie a tie!

Stick around and learn how to tie every kind of necktie imaginable, with a new teacher for each unique knot.

The Full Script for the Full Windsor Knot for those of you that like printed directions:

Oh, hello there. There’s really nothing quite like a well dressed man wearing a sexy tie. Especially if its done in my favorite style, with a windsor knot.
actually, i’ve got just a few minutes before my next meeting, so why don’t I show you how i like to do it.

First things first, to make this easy lets flip things around. Now its like you’re looking at me in a mirror. i’m right handed, which is this one, my dominant hand. you’ll want to remember that.

Now, make sure you’ve got on a nice collared shirt and get out a nice classy matching tie.

Step 1: flip up your top collar, and oh, if you haven’t already make sure shirts buttoned all the way up.

Place the tie around your neck with the main seam facing inward and the wide end hanging on the side of your dominant hand. in my case that’s this one, my right hand, remember?

Pull the wide end down at least 12 inches past the narrow end, you may have to experiment a few times to get the length right. Then cross the wide end over the narrow end forming an X just below where your collar bone meets your sternum.

Step 2: Now, from this position, take the tip of the wide end behind the narrow end and up through the loop around your neck. Then pull it back out towards your non-dominant hand, so the ends are pointing in opposite directions again forming an X.

ooh, looking good so far

Step 3: Now grab the wide end of the tie and cross it behind the knot back to the side of your dominant hand, you’ll notice the seam now facing away from you.

there you go, that’s just the right spot.

Step 4: Now bring the wide end over the knot and pull it down through the loop towards your dominant hand, with the seam still facing out. Then
cross the wide end over the front of the knot, so it’s pointing out towards your non dominant hand.

ooh, we’re almost done, just one more step to do

Step 5: Pull the wide end up through the loop again, and once it’s through, pull the tip down through the loop created in the last step.
Pull both ends to tighten the knot, then hold the thin end while sliding up the knot. Adjust further as needed.

Voila, the windsor. makes for a pretty sexy tie, doesn’t it?

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