has taken a new twist on and old internet theme, the DIY video.

Every young american man needs to learn how to tie a necktie at some point in his life. Most of us learn from our dads at some point, but by the time that first job interview or wedding comes around, we’re usually on our own. Thank god for the inter-tubes.

A simple search on youTube for “how to tie a tie” yields 92 million results, all with one simple flaw…every one uses a male model(usually an old dude or a web geek) to do the instructing. While this approach may be perfectly functional, its just not all that fun. has taken it to the next level. Beautiful women are the stars of these tasteful instructional videos. What better way for the young guys to learn how to be a man than from a totally hot actress? Let the sexy and charming hostesses of teach you step by step how to tie a tie in a variety of different necktie knots!

You’ll learn how to tie a tie step by step in the instructional videos. From easy knots to the most difficult, you’ll learn them all here! If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to tie a tie, is perfect for you. Whether you’re getting ready for prom, homecoming, graduation, a job interview, a hot date, or just want to look sharp, our videos will help you look your best!

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